Psilocybe Cubensis B+

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ORDER b+ psilocybe cubensis spores ONLINE. The strain B+ is derived from Psilocybe cubensis, a well-known species of hallucinogenic mushroom[i]. The B+ strain is popular among growers because it is easy to work with, accommodates a broad variety of growth conditions and substrates, and produces massive, thick heads. B+ is not the slowest developing strain of P. cubensis, but it is also not the quickest. Color may vary significantly depending on the growing environment; fans describe the enormous golden to caramel-colored crowns as “lovely.”

This renowned B+ strain of cubensis is a chameleon. It really lives on distributing its seed, which is also a major spore depositor. The B+ has been seen fruiting many times while growing outdoors in a range of temperatures and surfaces. The B+ just grown a lot in one winter, with nighttime lows of 45F and daytime highs of 60F. The B+ produced beautiful fruit once again over the spring/summer, with lows of 75F and highs of 90F. We’ve had a lot of excellent comments from Amsterdam gardeners who love this mushroom and how easy it is to cultivate.



In general, psilocybin-containing mushrooms alter mood and perception, and not always for the better[v]. Users may feel exhilaration or terror. Hallucinations (from moderate to severe) may be both beautiful and disturbing. There might be a reality illusion. Many people get profound spiritual experiences when using mushrooms. The precise consequences of a mushroom encounter are determined by the kind and species of mushroom, the dose, and the user’s mental state. It is feasible to improve the chances of a pleasant meeting.
Aside from its psychedelic effects, there is some evidence that these mushrooms may be useful in treating a variety of medical conditions, such as severe headaches and depression. b+ psilocybe cubensis spores for sale in the United States



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