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In Oregon, you may find Malabar coast mushrooms. Users claim to be able to see bright colors and lose themselves in quiet meditation.
The Malabar Coast Mushroom, which was found in India’s Malabar coast, has roots that date back to 1500 BC. Soma is a spiritual substance described in the Vedas, an ancient spiritual text. The ancient Indians believed that soma was a heavenly feast that brought immortality and included celestial visions. Many experts now believe that the Soma referred to magical mushrooms.
Psilocybe is the scientific name for malabar mushrooms.

Mushrooms of the genus Cubensis. Their principal active ingredients are psilocybin and psilocin. These mushrooms are distinguished by their medium-sized stems and light to dark brown caps.
If you haven’t tried this amazing mushroom yet, you’re missing out. It offers an unrivaled psychedelic experience as well as stunning graphics. The effects open up your ideas, perceptions, and personality.

Example Dosage

Trip Level 0: Microdosing Recommended dosage: 0.2 – 0.5 g. dried mushrooms – A micro-dose is a sub-perceptual amount of mushrooms. Take this every 2-3 days to boost creativity or feel less anxious. Microdosing trip levels capsules.

Trip Level 1: Happy go lucky Recommended dosage: 0.8 – 1 g. dried mushrooms – The effects are mild and similar to being high on weed. Music starts to feel better, strangers seem more friendly and the mind is able to lose some control. Malabar coast mushrooms in OR

Trip Level 2: Beginner’s paradise Recommended dosage: 1 – 1.5 g. dried mushrooms – Consistent sensorial accentuation, colors becoming brighter and a light body high.  It will be harder to concentrate and communicate and you will notice an increase in creativity along with an enhanced sensation, lightness and euphoria.

Trip Level 3: Classic psychedelic trip Recommended dosage: 1.5 – 3 g. dried mushrooms – Trip Level 3 is great for beginners who want to jump in the “real” psychedelic experience, without overdoing the dosage. This level is where visual hallucinations along with the appearance of patterns and fractals will be evident. No more hinting or subtle flashes of visuals, it’s happening for real. The surface of the object you’re observing will become shiny and moving, as your field of depth is altered. Distortions in the aptitude to measure the passage of time, might cause an 1 hour to feel like an eternity.


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    Go easy on these, they’re very strong. Intense visuals and a great experience overall..

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    Just got my order. Thanks a lot you guys for all the samples and amazing quality shrooms! Haven’t tried them yet, but I can tell they’re really good. I’m impressed.

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