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magic truffles chocolate Oregon. An irresistible chocolate that may either help you tackle your day or turn it into an adventure. Not only is the magic truffles psychedelic mushrooms chocolate Couverture with Magic Mushrooms wonderful.


The psilocybin used to produce the snacks can have a significant impact on the effects of mushroom chocolates. Psychoactive psilocybin typically produces euphoric highs and psychedelic, fractal-like visions. While massive quantities of magic mushrooms might induce an ego-death experience, many people describe their effects as being incredibly soothing.
In addition to the effects of using psychedelic mushrooms, chocolate has its own indisputable advantages. Because it contains fiber, healthy fats, protein, and advantageous minerals, cacao has a high nutritional value. Additionally, it has high magnesium levels, which promote muscle relaxation. Cacao also contains tryptophan, magnesium, and serotonin, a well-known mood enhancer. It increases the body’s capacity to produce fresh serotonin.


Once more, the type and quantity of psilocybin used determine the length of a trip on mushroom chocolates. Typically, one gram of mushrooms can keep you entertained for up to three hours or longer. You could ride for an another 5–7 hours.
Mushroom chocolates are a highly recommended and undoubtedly satisfying solution if you’re looking for a psychedelic psilocybin encounter.


It is usually better to weigh out your mushroom chocolates in grams. One gram of psilocybin is an excellent starting point and, for many people, the recommended dosage is more than sufficient. Only the most experienced users should increase the dosage up to 3.5 grams because doing so can result in a more intense psychedelic experience that could even result in ego death.
While some pour molds or cut chocolate bricks into one-gram squares, many mushroom chocolate brands that are offered on the illegal market divide their dosage into one-gram squares in a bigger chocolate bar. Always inquire about the type of fungus that is present in your chocolate. Additionally, research the variety to determine the ideal dosage.

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  1. Neimar Elma

    It’s very good but only wish it was the bigger size package I was getting

  2. Elinor Janelle

    The product arrived quickly and was very enjoyable. Thanks!

  3. Darla Kaye Tryan Chapman

    All I can say is Wow, And Thank you. This was an experience I have wanted to have for a few years. It did not disappoint. Hard to put the experience into worlds so I’ll just say WOW

  4. Raghda Alizz Shekly

    Fantastic product. I’ll be grabbing another one as soon as i have some money thanks magic mushroom store USA indeed you guys are wonderful.

  5. Maria Olofsson

    Should be more than 5 stars.

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