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India Orissa Magic Mushrooms in Oregon, United States of America – Entheomycologist John Allen discovered the Orissa India magic mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Orissa India), a large-growing cubensis that grew from elephant dung on the border between Bihar and Nepal. This species is very potent, causing intense body vibrations and visual hallucinations. You may read what other people have to say about Orissa India Magic Mushrooms on Shroomery and Mycotopia. Elephant dung gives rise to a massive developing cubensis, which is said to be among the biggest. Caps are large and light yellow with a dark brown mark in the middle, while stems are tall, pale, and cylindrical.

Effects India Orissa Magic Mushrooms

. Visuals are frequently powerful.

Dosage India Orissa Magic Mushrooms

Dosing any P. cubensis is more difficult than most people believe. A basic dosage may be calculated based on the user’s weight, whether the mushrooms are fresh or dried, and the amount of experience desired. However, potency may vary from mushroom to mushroom, even within a similar strain, and human sensitivity might also vary. Always start with a little dosage and work your way up.

How to Grow Orissa India Shrooms

Orissa India shrooms are popular among growers because to their vast and enticing size, ease of growth, and natural potency. Because this strain colonizes fast, it is less prone to mold formation than others. India Oregon USA Orissa Magic Mushrooms

If you become stuck after one or two flushes, this strain responds nicely to cold water baths.


Similar Strains

Because the Orissa India strain is so famous among growers and eaters of magic mushrooms, many people hunt for alternative strains that provide a similar growing or eating experience.


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