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Golden Teacher Mushrooms For Sale Portland OR. are also called as Golden Caps and are buried in mystery. The origins of this hallucinogenic fungus are unknown. Several anecdotal tales suggest that the mushroom first emerged in the 1980s, although there is little strong evidence to back this up. With their magnificent caramel-colored stems and yellow-flecked heads, Golden Teachers captivate.
Nate finds that identifying Golden Teachers may be challenging at times.
“P. cubensis is one of the most widely distributed magic mushroom species on the planet.” Technically, Golden Teacher is only one cultivar of this plant.
Fungus has magical properties. Portland OR Golden Teacher Mushrooms For Sale

Today, there are several strains of magic mushrooms. Specimen characteristics may vary since they typically rely on the environment in which they are developed. Some may produce hallucinogenic compounds that are more active than others, while others may be more resistant to contamination and predators. It is worth noting the presence of hallucinogenic mushrooms other than P. cubensis cultivars, such as Psilocybe cyanescens.


The Risks & Side Effects of Golden Tops Mushrooms

One of the primary concerns or dangers associated with their overuse is the possibility of acquiring some incorrect mushrooms when ordering golden top mushrooms. Furthermore, most people’s failure to discriminate between golden top mushrooms and other potentially harmful lookalikes may result in serious diseases or even death.

The dose varies greatly depending on the potency of the golden top mushrooms. Many people will soak their golden caps in tea or another prepared beverage, while others may sauté the mushrooms and consume them. Some people may dry the mushrooms and then capsule them for easy dosage. They could even mix the dried mushrooms with chocolate bars to munch in between meals.The concentrations in dried mushrooms are around ten times greater than those in fresh golden caps mushrooms, which might pose some dosage concerns. Although the effects are still unique to mushrooms, they may be akin to LSD.


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  1. Shane Blair

    Decent. All products were delivered timely and of good quality.

  2. Dawn Mackenzie

    Product always shipped and as promised

  3. Nicolas H. Burnett

    Was very pleased with this strain! The looks, and quality were all top notch!! Would definitely recommend this one, especially for the price!!!

  4. Jerry Z. Rushing

    shipped fast to the city, the quality is amazing. and they were generous with the samples, I love the reward system, really helps. This strain is very colorful and I’m glad I was able to experience the trip that I was able to have, colorful patterns and ego death. amazing. Thanks magic mushroom store USA

  5. David G. Henley

    Thanks guys for giving me an opportunity to try these! Been wanting to find some for so long. Golden teacher, in my opinion, are way better than any penis envy I’ve tried! I had an intensely spiritual experience on just 2.5g! Absolutely amazing and nothing like I’ve ever tried before. It was my 3rd time purchasing from you and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else if you keep it up 😉 Your stuff is top quality!

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